Muay Thai

If you are serious about Muay Thai training or just want to learn and get fit at the same time, then WATBC is the place for you.
Our Muay Thai classes incorporate an assessment level system so you can actually see your improvements and move forward with confidence.

We bring together three different classes in a fun filled, ego free environment. Women and men of all different fitness levels can do Muay Thai and our friendly club will help you to reach your goals! Classes are run by Peter Boyd and Muay Thai world champion Kate Boyd who bring together decades of experience in Muay Thai, outside of our classes we also encourage our fighters to help with pad work and technique.

We have produced more than one world champion and multiple Australian and state champions, teaching the traditional style of Muay Thai compared to some of the more modern takes on it.

Muay Thai – All Levels Cardio

Cardio, strength & conditioning combined with technique driven pad work.
This class will get you fit whilst teaching you the basics of Muay Thai

Muay Thai – Technique

Technique, light sparring and pad work.
This class is more focused on teaching you the Muay Thai technique using all eight weapons and requires a decent level of fitness

Muay Thai – Advanced/Fighters

Sparring, clinch work, pad work and more.
This class if for advanced/fighters, we do not pressure people to have competitive fights, so this class will still work for you if self defense or fitness are your goals

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